430 Frames.... - Steev Selby

North to South..

After an unexpected wake up call, and the numbers looking ok for a decent amount of high cloud for sunrise going back to bed would've been an exercise in frustration.

Shellharbour's South beach was the only location that came to mind at stupid o'clock so with a fresh thermos of tea, two cameras, and bleary eyes off I went.

About this time each year, we have this cloudbank on the horizon that starts as soon as the warmer weather arrives and after the warmth this week bingo there it was waiting for me. Still, I was there the gear was there, so, let's get something for the effort.

I recently bought a timelapse motion controller the 'Move Shoot Move' which will rotate the camera a set amount after each frame has been taken. Using a D-SLR for timelapse video gives the author a great deal of control over the video as it is literally comprised of hundreds of still frames.

Doing this for a Holy Grail sequence (night to day or vice versa) isn't a set an forget situation. The exposure needs to be monitored and adjusted constantly throughout the shoot.

For this mornings effort, with two cameras I set one to run the timelapse while I shot a few still frames with the other - makes for a busy morning when you're learning.

A very stiff wind was blowing adding to the complexities of the thing as well.

Move Shoot Move - Motion TIme Lapse

The first...

Funny how often this happens ... there is some magic in that first frame of a shoot for me ... it's as thou the subconscious will take the chance to grab the reins get a shot in before the conscious does its thing.

The image above is that first image of the shoot this morning.