G'day .. I hope your doing well ?

It feels like months since I was last here - not that I haven't been busy, rather I've been distracted (as has most of mankind) by this years big not 'fake news'. 

Indeed I haven't been here for a couple of months as I haven't had my heart in it, Working in a University that had become a ghost town and desperately trying to catch up with the daily changing face of how to behave - socially and literally didn't leave me with a whole lot to put in to the  blog.

Gradually we're coming back online in an albeit far different world than what we had but life is moving on so it's about time I got on with it as well.

Photographically I haven't stopped as it's been a sanity saver throughout and if you've been following my flickr stream you could well believe that.   

Untitled photo

I'll do my best to redress what I've been up to over the next few weeks but for this post I'd like to mention the work of Gary Gough, an English photographer and a master of the long exposure shot.

In one of his latest youtube posts Gary's work reminded me of my love for long exposure images with a showcase of a study he does on a small bridge.. just wonderful.

Long exposure images create a sense of the surreal, both adding and subtracting in ways we normally don't consider, baring times effects for all to see.

On Stranger Tides

Untitled photo

Take this image here for example 'On Stranger Tides..' was taken on a summers day with a beach full of people in and out of the water. At five minutes long the only things that show are that which stay still long enough, which people rarely do :-)

This was from my 1st D/SLR, a Pentax K200D,  back in 2012 with a home made filter that worked not too bad.

Driving home today, a grey old afternoon and still I felt the need to grab a couple of frames just to get the day out of my mind. With Gary's bridge fresh in memory I thought of the lake tree that's on Lake Illawarra and had recently moved (yes I did say 'moved' and tree in the one sentance, I'm not sure how but it's moved and retained its orientation ??) the tide was about half full so there would be a good chance for reflections if there were a chance bit of colour.

Defying Gravity..

You know I wouldn't have put money on getting any colour from this one, but there you are - I have to admit I'm pretty taken with this one and who know's where this tree's heading off to next.

If I hadn't known this tree had moved I'd have believed it to be mired in the lake mud till the end of time, still here 'tis just like it was always there. 

A Boonerah moment...

Piers are one of those places where adventures start and imagination finds safe harbour - Boonerah Point pier always gets my imagination running and as I already have a gozillion images of it I thought 'why not' today. :-)

Till next time .. have a great week :-)


Gear used:

Pentax K1

Tamron 70-200/f2.8

Nisi CPL with 10 Stop ND filter.

Both images are taken at f2.8 with the tree at 2 minutes 40 seconds and Boonerah at 25 seconds exposure time.

Raw developed in Lightroom 6.14
Enhanced in Nik Filters Viveza
Polished in Topaz Denoise (not that they needed it today)
and finished of in ON1PhotoRaw2020

I generally don't use preset's as I like to develop each image on it's own merits.