Memories are made of this..

The eternal argument about finding new locations versus new compositions at the same locations - Boonerah Point is one of those places for me that I can't help but revisit it.

When Pete messaged me to say he'd be at the 'Point it didn't take much arm twisting to head on over there after dinner to chat and work on setups for time-lapse shooting which I'm still learning.

I can't remember an sunset where the clouds just hung around and with (finally) pleasant weather it was a great way to spend the afternoon.

The Conversation

Home TIme...


These are four frames from both the Pentax camera's I used for the shoot, I generally don't use filters and prefer multiple exposures and to blend images in development.

Bodies used: Pentax K1 and Pentax KP 
Lenses used: Pentax DA16-85/3.5 and the Pentax D-FA15-30/2.8 
Software used - Silky Pix Pro 9, Aurora HDR 2019 for the RAW development and ON1 Photo Raw 2020 to bring them to life.

If you like my work (or don't even) please feel free to drop me a line ..

Steev S  :-)