Montague Island Lighthouse...

G'day again sports fans.. 

Thought it was time for another accounting of my photographic endeavors...

Finally got away for a weekend and a chance to charge the batteries after the terrible summer of dust and smoke we've recently endured, only to be followed up with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here we all were in January cleaning out our pockets and pantries to help people out - now they're fighting in the aisles - senseless waste and consumption.

Travelling thru the bush fire ravaged area's on this weekend away, seeing the devastation in Cobargo and nature in stark contrast, busily rebuilding and getting on with it.  I realised that a lot of our fears aren't really for the planet - our fears are for ourselves. The planet will rebuild regardless of what we or say a stray asteroid may do to it., life would not be the same to be sure - but - life would return regardless.

In trying to understand the hysteria present at the moment in Australia one does need to remember the summer just past it's just been one surreal moment after the other - there hasn't been a chance for 'normality' to smooth things over.

Soo onto the weekend... We caught a room at the Horizon Holiday Apartments in Narooma - our views were spectacular from the balcony with Montague Island out to sea and a Glimpse of Glass House Rocks off to the right.

The subject of the study presented here is mainly two sunrises at Glass House Rocks just south of Narooma itself and one image of "Horse Head Rock" at Bermagui - obviously we didn't only catch the sunrise but toured the region with Central Tilba being quite the highlight of our Sundays exploring.

Montague Island Lighthouse..

Montague Island Lighthouse...

I was chuffed to be able to see this from our hotel room at the Horizon Holiday Apartments, had a great meal in town and just sat on the balcony and took in the view.

It Pays to Explore.....

After the sun rose the beauty of the scene comes to life ... looking South from Cemetery Beach Headland.

I hope you've enjoyed my humble efforts in representing, surely I did not do the area justice .. for me it is just an amazing location and I can't wait to return and see more of it. 

Till next time stay safe and stay healthy..


Steev Selby, Shellharbour.