Up early for sunrise at Gerroa's 'Seven Mile Beach' this morning. 

With all the smoke from the bushfires around and the conditions looking 'ok' for a decent sunrise at Gerroa it was an early one today, up at 4 am and out the door, no plans for a timelapse .. just to get out have a shoot and catch some colour with a bit of luck.


Blue Hour..

Blue Hour..

First image for the morning .. cold and windy hardly the conditions you'd normally expect this time of the year.

By the time I made Kiama I hadn't seen a star and there was a decent sou westerly blowing the trees along the side of the road.

Still "you pays your money and takes your chances" as they say and you never know what the next hours going to bring.

A Twilight Moment...


Very odd light, it felt more like a sunset than a pre dawn moment.

As the sky came into view things weren't looking too promising, so I had a cuppa, watched the birds and joggers start their morning routine and let my eye have a wander around to see anything else of interest. 

Last Light..

Last light...

A lone light shines out in the blue twilight.

Morning Routine..

Morning Routine..

It's not often you get the beach to yourself these days.

Leading Edge...

Leading Edge...

Seven mile is so flat these little wavelets seem to come on forever.

Well normally I hang around on a cloudy morning and see what will happen when the sun finally breaks thru ... There looked to be no chance of that today so back to the car and the chance to spot some locations on the way home.

Natures Sym e tree ...

Natures Sym-e-tree...

I've had these figs in mind for some time and with this mornings light I thought it apropos to drop in and have a look.

Nearing Bombo the sun broke thru the thick cloud and smoke casting this honey-coloured light over everything. I'd been eyeing this pair of figs off for a while hoping to catch them in some favorable conditions. This was a very settled image for me - I can phaph around more than a bit at times - and only took two frames. 

Looking at the light and cloud, which was taking its time leaving I headed up to the Shallows at Bass Point hoping it would last.


The Shallows...

Shot this location many times ... but not with this light.

It was brilliant to make it there in time for these 3 images .. the sou westerly was pretty darn cold and a couple of the board rides that came out said it was more than a little chilly out there.

Blue on Gold...

One of those moments you like to remember.



Tried very hard to get it as I saw it ... that receding cloud and smoke made for an almost surreal light.

Finally, it was time for brekky.. (and another cuppa!) .. as always thanks for taking the time to drop by and feel free to comment and share.

Steev S

Images Shot with Pentax K1 usingTamron 70-200 and Pentax 24-70 lenses. Raw development via SilkyPix Pro 9 and ON1 Photo Raw 2020