Day one - Steev Selby
Sandon Point - Grey Dawn

G'day .. well here we are ... day one but definitely not the last day of a Blog on my photographic efforts with a bit of life thrown in as well. 

A bit about me ... Photography for me is the answer to that question we are all asked when we're kids "What do you want to do when you grow up?" - well, it's taken me a 'few' years to grow up, and life's sent me a fair share of challenges in the "in-between" time.

I've been working in R&D at the University of Wollongong for 31 years now - everything from developing 3d designs from loose sketches given to me to full manufacture, testing, and implementation of designs. Including some of my own camera accessories.

In 2003 as a team member with our Formula SAE project I was there for our World Championship win of the FSAE cup in Detroit and have been associated with the team for 18 years - these days mostly advisory and a bit of camera work.

Verbally frustrated and always in search of that right phrase after the fact, an avid reader but terrible writer photography helps me share that moment or convey a feeling that I'd waste a few thousand words doing a terrible job trying to describe.

As a lot of us do I've collected the odd camera over the years, ensuring that I've usually got a chance of catching that moment if it comes along - and shoot almost daily .. I need the practice.

I've often been told my images are quite vibrant - well yes they can be and I make no apologies for this, as the author, this is the story as I see it.

A bit of an introvert when the camera comes out ... if I'm with a group I usually find myself wandering the opposite direction to the crowd.

Founding member of "DNA" the National Dyslexics Association.

If your keen to see my images larger don't forget to use the sizes icon on the bottom right of the image pages.

The bulk of my images are at Flickr Steev on Flickr '' is about the images I would call my portfolio and a chance to talk more about them like this image from a recent shoot at Werri Beach, Gerringong.

I'd reckon that's more than enough about me for now ..  Thankyou dropping bye.

My preferred medium is digital, all of the images here are available for sale via Smugmug.

I produce so many images if I printed at home I'd need a warehouse rather than a house.