Golden Moment..

End of Days...

A tasty moment at Wollongong's Old LIghthouse on a stormy afternoon.

The moment of anticipation...

Most days I have a spare half hour to kill at the end of the day, this afternoon the cloud was doing some interesting things .. the fact that it was around at all was interesting in light of the weather of late. 

I went to have a look at Wollongong Harbour wondering if the light was going to be there for a couple of compositions I've had in mind for a year or two sadly it wasn't so time for a walk.

With an eye on the light, this composition presented itself ... and the rest was easy, sit .. enjoy the view wait ... and wait and, just as I was out of time this moment happened. Driving home the colour in the sky was quite breathtaking and I'm sure folks caught some great images ... but for me, this appetiser will do as a meal for the day.