So here we are at the end of another week and already looking to the end of January 2020. 

Last year finished in a haze of smoke and dust here in the Illawarra with perfectly atrocious conditions. Sadly, the new year got off to an even darker start with mass evacuations and conditions bringing out both the best and worst of people.

Christmas just wasn't this year - I never really appreciated the term "survivors guilt" before, but the whole emergency situation has left me feeling that way, I spent the days glued to news feeds and twitter and hoping for the best. Photography felt like a selfish undertaking in the face of it all.

Life does go one and we learn to adjust .. talking to others and hearing the same feelings of frustration and concern , and feeling powerless. 

Kylie, my much better half has done some wonderful work helping to collect and put together school bags for kids that have lost everything - the ability to get back into routine life (even school) will be a great assist for kids.

So here we are in 2020 - finally had a bit of rain the last couple of days  - a drop in the bucket but welcome breathing space for all concerned.

Welcome Weather..

Myself - I've been hard at work cleaning out 2019 - backing up and rediscovering a few images I'd overlooked.

Found Images 2019

'Found Images' will be added to over the next few weeks as time allows - these are usually images that I've overlooked as I'd been to focused on some of the other images from the shoot.

Motor vehicles and motor sport have played a large part in my earlier years - in the latter half of last year I had the chance to attend a couple events from my wish list at the Sydney Motor Sport Complex - Eastern Creek.

World Time Attack (WTAC) is a bit of an all round even with Drift Cars and Circuit cars taking part in a variety of events around the circuit.

The second even was the Top Fuel, East Coast Thunder at Sydney Dragway - as the title says it's a Top Fuel event but also inclusive of many other brackets including motor bikes. I'd missed the chance to see top fuel in years passed - after this visit I won't be missing it again .. as a spectacle (and a VERY family based event) top fuel is an experience for all the senses. The sound goes well beyond the audible into the physical.

Motor Sport 2019

Plans for the year, well I've missed sunrise shoots and once this smoke and haze clears 52 sunrises 2020 is on  - loosely this will be a sunrise per week (weather permitting) for a year.

Again when the weather allows in the autumn / winter / spring - nightscapes are high on my list of 'to do' for the year.

After a year at home with renovations in 2019 there are a couple of big road trips - Tasmania, South Eastern Australia and just generally getting out there living again.

And finally I'm considering a Vlog just for the experience of it - I feel I have something to offer for the over 50's when it comes to photography and editing - drop me a line and let me know what you think?

Well that's it for blog 01 - 2020

Cheers for now