Hard (Drive) days night....

I've been cleaning out my backups for a few days now as a part of the process of creating this website.

It was hard at first as it's like deleting old friends - admittedly I have pretty much a full catalogue of everything I've taken on flickr.com/eonns which should be backed up ad infinitem - but still, it's been challenging.

The trick I've found for me at least is only two rules is it family or is it a recorded image that shows a place that has now changed from when that was taken. As for the rest ... if it's a sunset  for e.g. I'll ask myself all the usual questions - is it unique, does it match my current standards and equipment and could I take a better image there now knowing that the sun is quite probably going to keep rising and setting for the foreseeable future at least.

I have had a lot of fun and a few tears going thru them so far .. finding phone videos of lost loved ones is poignant to say the least. I have found a few images that I'd taken and just forgotten to edit and have techniques now that allow me to realise them as I originally imagined them.

"Road Trip" below is what I call a found image .. and I'm glad I did find it ... the colour and motion really tickle my brain.

Road Trip...

Reviewing 16 years worth of photography also gets the creative part of the brain fired up with 'oh yeah what if...?!' moments constantly popping by for a visit .... I read a lot of Sci-Fi and often wonder what if with the way things could be - as in the two images below, "Global Warming" and "After the Poles have Melted" are the kind of book cover images I've seen many times over the years and are just such fun to bring to life.

Global Warming

After the Poles have Melted..