Had a free evening this week, and after the last greyed out visit to Kiama harbour I was still keen to find a decent image at the breakwall entrance to the harbour.

With 'ok' numbers for the afternoon on the 'Clear Outside' app indicating some high cloud with a chance of middle cloud for the sunset - I was hopeful.

Kiama is so much more than a lighthouse and some interesting water features, it's history goes back a long way.  Nestled at the foot of Saddleback Mt wreathed in those classic Norfolk Island pines it's a wondrous place to spend some time. 

The Big Show..!

Kiama Panorama...

For this time of year the colour came (and left) in a hurry ...

One of my favourite pano's for 2019 - just under 2tb for the final tiff file it took a bit of patience and time to stitch and polish this one.

As the sun sets...

Touching Saddleback...

Watching the cloud build and just enjoying the moment.

Here I am thinking 'how nice is this?' ... then I notice the crane rising above the pines and interfering with the horizon. And I wonder why we have this incessant need to whittle all the beautiful places down to a caricature of what they once were.

Time Lapsing...

Last Frame...

Grabbed this one just before packing it all up for the day. Something about this angle just wouldn't let me leave it alone.

The mighty lil Pentax Kp doings its thing on top of the Move Shoot Move cranking out frames for the timelapse below.

Did a frame every ten seconds for this one which caught the cloud movement quite well but the amount of turn for each frame was a touch high. Still, it's a fun learning curve and I definitely feel I'm learning with each shoot.

Kiama Timelapse..

Funnily enough, all the mozzies that attacked during this one .. the bites only showed up today ... little mongrels. :-)

Anyhow that's another day in the week in the life of... totally taken with the Panorama image - it's always great when the conditions meet your expectations and you can rise to the occasion.

As always thanks for taking the time to drop by, please feel free to share and drop a comment :-)


Steev S